Charlotte Agnew and Cooley Kudu, Barbury International  2014This SEIS scheme was set up in 2013 with the aim of creating a self-funding, and indeed profitable, enterprise that would provide Charlotte with an Olympic horse, and her investors with a very exciting team of equine stars to follow to the top of the sport.

The idea revolves around buying talented young horses with money raised from an initial fundraiser, which are then produced and sold, thus enabling the operation to be self-funding. The aim is to always have a few horses under the White Heather name, and we hope that one day one of them will be winning a medal at the Olympics for Team GB!

The scheme has been successful so far; Charlie Harper has gone on to continue his good placings with a Junior GBR rider – see Sold page – while Condor has been sold to go showjumping, and Cooley Kudu (pictured) is currently spearheading the campaign still under Charlotte. This year we have replaced the horses that have been sold, and are really looking forward to progressing the enterprise with some new faces in the Investor team.

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