Eventing is growing rapidly; it is a lottery funded, £4 billion/ year industry and the number of competitors have increased by 45% in the last 7 years. In other words, it’s on the up! Indeed, the predicted media exposure of Badminton last year was more than 28 million TV viewers, and 1 million online, and this is expected to increase.

Not only is Eventing Britain’s number 1 equestrian discipline, but it is also the one in which Olympic team and individual medals are regularly won, and Charlotte is focussed on being part of that success in 2016.

The whole team is hugely grateful for the generous support shown by Charlotte’s sponsors – who have a large hand in the success of the yard, as well as the ease and effectiveness of its day to day running.


ARIAT: Ariat boots are completely unrivalled in terms of their comfort and durability, and I don’t think 12 hours on my feet would seem nearly so pleasurable in anything else!

The clothing range is equally fantastic – the jodhpurs are wonderfully lightweight and stretchy, and their range of jumpers and coats means I am always warm and dry.


RED MILLS: Top quality nutrition is absolutely vital for fuelling the horses, and with Red Mills I can be sure that they are getting the very best available.  The depth of knowledge and the fact that I can have advice in an instant means that we can tailor feeding programs with great detail for each individual body and mind, making sure that every horse is able to perform to their very best.


GATEHOUSE: I have been supported by Gatehouse ever since I was lucky enough to win two of their hats in 2006. I wouldn’t go cross-country in anything other than the HS1, as I know that it offers the best protection that money can buy, and the show-jumping versions are so comfortable I use them every day and barely notice I’m wearing anything.


FLAIR NASAL STRIPS: Little Beau was prone to nosebleeds, and having been on an inhaler 3 times a day before Blair CCI*** in 2006, our vet wasn’t sure he would be able to maintain that level of fitness. However, by changing his bedding and religiously using a Flair strip every time he galloped and competed, he went on to win gold at Blair the following year, and then fly around Badminton! Since then I always use Flair strips when I go cross-country – Little Beau is a testament to the huge difference they make.

These bits are a fantastic addition to the tack room, and in particular the loose ring ‘Verbindend’ has already had a significant effect on several of the horses’ way of going. Those that have been a little tricky in the contact are now much softer, resulting in a much happier way of going and better Dressage marks – both of which make me happy!

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