I love Lincoln; it is such a good event to get going at as all three phases take place on good, flat ground, and the cross country is always solid and well built but inviting, needing attacking riding.  This is just what one needs to blow away the cobwebs.  I had an ‘informative’ run on my new ride Cruise; he is such a lovely, genuine horse but was obviously struggling with his nerves and excitement and although he did well to control himself he was tense in the Dressage and didn’t perform to his best.  Still, he did a lovely show-jumping clear and we had an educational cross-country run getting to know each other, with a very strange blip 3/4 of the way round, when I think he was spooked by a shadow in front of the fence, as the sun was quite low by that point.  Zul was on fantastic form though, and did a lovely test to score 26 in a very competitive OI section (despite my halting in the wrong place!)  He was possibly a little over enthusiastic in the show-jumping, but he definitely didn’t want to touch anything, and popped round the cross-country nicely with a few time faults to finish 8th.  A good start!

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