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    As I write this Zul has just had his last jump with Yogi before we head off to the big B.  He is feeling extremely well, and I am starting to feel a tinsy bit nervous…. I’ve been trying not to think about it too much, and have actually managed to stay relatively chilled […]


     Another month has sped by!  The highlight of arriving at the end of it is that I can now really start to count the days until Daisy, my new – and much anticipated – full time groom starts (15th April).  Bring it on!  I’ve been very lucky to have been bailed out by both […]


There’s nothing like cross-country schooling to get you in gear for the season, and taking four to Boomerang on Thursday, with Cara as an added bonus for help, was just what the Doctor ordered.  It’s been a pretty gruelling month with a lot of action, and looking back on the start of February, it almost feels […]


I’m sure like many other people, as we reach the end of January I am slightly champing at the bit… why couldn’t the snow have come in December, when we could have merrily gone to the pub without feeling guilty?!  Instead it has been a mighty inconvenience, although thankfully not quite so much for me […]

3rd October

     For those of you who read my tragic account of August, I can say that there have thankfully been some small improvements this month.  Indeed, instead of a long line of disasters I have been lucky enough to have been given one weekend of success to cheer me up in the middle!
     I foolishly […]

30th August

    Let me start by saying I am currently counting down the days until the end of this horrible month, and I can assure you I will be celebrating the incoming of September with one or two merry beverages.  It has not been a good month.  I try not to be superstitious but I do […]


     This month needs to be looked back on from end to start I think, with the Olympics most certainly taking precedence. I don’t know how the team feel, but I certainly felt an enormous anti-climatic low after the show-jumping grand finale, despite the fact that we won team silver, which I don’t think anyone […]

28th June

*** ZUL 5TH (double clear) AT LUHMUHLEN CCI4*! ***       
         It was a pretty mental turnaround from Bramham, and luckily Cara came early on Monday morning to help me pack all my kit – not just into the lorry but into a couple of epic travel bags my Mum had found, as it all had to be transferred […]


        The Jubilee festivities that kicked off the ‘mid summer’ celebrations seem a very long time ago… I thoroughly enjoyed watching Queenie’s concert, and found it extremely heart warming how patriotic and protective we are of her, particularly when everyday life seems to be filled with such roughness.  I also took a strong shine to […]


            So, with the reasonably catastrophic loss of the highlight of our calendar, this month has revolved fast around changing plans and zooming around the country in order to partake in Eventing at any level.  I actually thought it was a joke when my sister told me there were rumours about it being cancelled – […]